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About Us

Many areas of Norwalk, CT are rural and require extensive knowledge of the roadways. This enables us to provide you with multiple attempts and many times familiar with the person being served.

Our service is offered at three levels:

  • Routine, an attempt within seven days after receipt

  • ASAP, an attempt within 48 hours after receipt

  • RUSH, same day attempt* or an attempt within 24 hrs

*Same Day attempt if received before 11 am and transmitted to us electronically.


Service of Legal Process Nationwide

Nationwide Service is also offered through our extensive network of professional process servers. We offer the best service for any location in the United States and eliminate the guesswork of finding a trusted, professional process server. Guaranteed.

Mobile Notary Service

Cooke Process Service is a great choice for your mobile notary jobs because of their reputation for reliability, professionalism, and timely service. Their experience in the field and positive reviews from previous clients can give you confidence in their ability to handle your notary needs efficiently and effectively.

Locate Service

You've attempted service and it's a bad address. Now what? Fortunately, Cooke Process Service has a research and skip tracing team of very talented individuals. We offer a locate service for a guaranteed good address which is verbally verified through a friend, neighbor, relative or another person. Resources used but are not limited to: Criminal / Civil records, voter registration, USPS records, credit headers, listed and unlisted telephone numbers, cell phone records, relatives, utilities and other private and public sources! All FCRA and GLB apply must have an authorized purpose. This is a hit or no hit fee structure.


Bank Account Searches

We research statewide or nationwide to locate bank accounts on an individual or business. Information returned: name and corporate address of the bank, number of accounts and balance total. Any accounts identified will be guaranteed to match the subjects SSN or FEIN regardless of their account title. In compliance with the GLB Act, no account numbers can be given. This is a hit / no hit fee structure.


Nationwide Search for Real Property

We offer a Nationwide search for real property, vehicles, boats, and airplanes listed in the subject's name or business name. Real estate with improved and assessed values. This information is obtained electronically through tax assessors and other sources.


Employment Locate

We offer a locate service for a current employment name and address. This is a hit / no hit fee structure.

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